'GREAT MEN HAVE GREAT VISIONS ' ! That’s how Photographers from the state of Mysore came together in 1956 to form an association under the leadership of Mr.G.G. Welling, Mr. Empire Gurappa and others. KPA has a membership base of 75000 professional photographers across the state. KPA joined hands with other state associations of south India to form the South India Photographers and Videographers Federation (SIPVF)

Shopmatic participating in Digi image 2018, Bengaluru on May 25th, 26th & 27th - Karnataka Photographers Association (KPA)

AWAKE strives to promote entrepreneurship among women as a means to achieve self reliance and socio-economic independence. AWAKE provides support and guidance to aspiring women from rural, urban, national and international arenas to be successful entrepreneurs, irrespective of their age, academic, social, economic background. AWAKE’s services are extended to women Self Help Groups (SHGs), NGOs and other development agencies engaged in Income Generation Activities and Entrepreneurship Development.

In December 1983, seven successful women entrepreneurs Ms. Madhura Chatrapathy, Ms. Kiran Majumdar, Ms. Lekha Chand, Ms. Shandrila Naidu, Ms. Indrajeet Sahani, Ms. Aban Minochar and Ms. Supanya Datta formed Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka, for short, AWAKE

E-Commerce Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs by Shopmatic at AWAKE, Bangalore.